Double-Weight Art Board*

Thicker than single weight mat board, Double-Weight Art Board provides an economical way to mount your prints.

Triple-Weight Art Board*

This heavy weight mat board (thicker than Double-Weight) is an economical option for mounting prints.

6mm Sintra

6mm is a more rigid substrate and is often displayed as a stand-alone piece. Wall mounting hardware included.


Styrene, available in black or white, is one of the best all around mounting substrates available. At .080" thick, this product provides a smooth plastic surface ideal for mounting prints 16x20 and smaller.

1/8" Masonite

1/8" Masonite is another premium yet economical mounting solution. Masonite has a smooth mounting surface and is tempered for extreme durability. This material provides an upscale mounting option at an affordable price.

3/16" Foam Board

3/16" Foam Board provides a rigid, hard surface ideal for mounting prints. Available in both black and white. Our Foam Board is 100% recyclable.

1/2" and 1" Gatorfoam®

Offered in black, 1/2" or 1" Gatorfoam® is perfect for adding dimension to your work. This product is used frequently as a substitute for traditional framing.

* Due to the nature of fiber based board, some warping can be expected. This substrate is recommended for smaller prints.

Note: Gator Hooks are available in our Supplies category. Recommended for ½" and 1" Gatorfoam® only